Jul 07

Matting is Important for Safety

When you want to prevent slips and falls by your employees at your business or by your family and guests at your home, safety matting is a crucial part of that scenario. There is a number of ways to accomplish that depending on where the matting is going to be used and for what purposes.

safety matting

Brite Trac

Slip resistant and made with crushed garnet, ceramic beads and fiberglass with a polyurethane backing, this functional and eye-pleasing 1/8″ thick mat is used in any wet areas, buffet lines, beverage/ice machine areas, on stair treads, incline ramps, docks or construction walkways. It provides secure footing, eliminates tripping, and resists fungal and bacterial growth.

More than 2,000 tests were conducted, and this mat was found resistant to most commercial and industrial kitchen chemicals. It is on the approved list of major restaurant and hotel chains.

Drain Thru

This is a 1/2″ thick 3’x5′ rubber heavy duty “loose lay” drainage mat with beveled edges popular in kitchens, bars, on counters, and in garages and workshops. It comes in black for general purposes and terra cotta for grease resistance and eliminates leg and foot fatigue.

Easy Foot

Expanded durable closed-cell vinyl sponge matting with beveled edges insulates noise and temperature, resists impacts and spills, reduces fatigue, and provides a comfortable surface to stand or walk on. Available in 3/8″ and 5/8″ thicknesses, it is ideal for industrial use, behind counters, at checkout stands, at production areas and assembly lines, and other areas.

Guardian Tile

Soft and comfortable anti-microbial 3/8” open grid surface PVC drainage tile is used for safety in locker rooms, saunas, showers, around swimming pools and hot tubs. This is popular at homes, condominiums, schools, community centers, and health clubs. It comes in Blue, Teal, Gray, Tan, Charcoal, and Light Gray.

PoolSide Carpet

This fashionable and comfortable-to-bare-feet needle-punched polypropylene 5/16” unbacked carpet matting with drainage is used in wet areas around pools, hot tubs, locker rooms and saunas to protect from slipping and can even cushion a fall. The unique PVC “knob” backing lets water drain through to keep it virtually dry. It is resistant to fading, bacteria, fungus, pool chemicals and salt and comes in Blue, Green, Silver and Driftwood.