Oct 01

Modernize Your Airport Carts

Air4When your airport has been updated, was thought given to also replacing the outdated airport carts  and making sure that the new ones are durable, long lasting, reliable, and have the necessary weight capacity to handle the luggage for a leisure or business traveler, a whole family, or business group?

Airport luggage carts are a necessary and convenient way of transporting luggage to and from a vehicle and the baggage claim. Composed of heavy alloys such as aluminum, zinc, and stainless steel that is resistant to corrosion, those carts will withstand years of usage without wearing out.

Being environmentally friendly is another feature to seriously consider. A source such as Roll Tech Molding Products (ROLL-TECH), which has been in business in the United States for 20 years, is proud that they are a green company and help to protect the environment while they continue to create quality recycled products by manufacturing products from recycled materials which provide green solutions.

Millions of pounds of granulated rubber made from recycled truck and car tires are used to produce solid rubber tires and injected plastic rims.. The rubber and plastics are Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) from used car tires and plastic bottles which are cleaned of debris, ground, and separated. That provides a new raw ecofriendly material for the tires and rims that can be used in a variety of industries in addition to airports.

Examples of some of the cart inventory include:

Air 3 and Air 4

A contemporary design with a reliable braking mechanism that provides increased customer safety. The carts remain immobile and cannot run away. The customer simply pushes on the handle to release the brakes.


Adapted to transport all types of luggage in the toughest conditions, they are stable and easy to maneuver.

Shopp’Air BB and Shopp’Air Fancy

By stowing hand luggage on the convenient lower tray, travelers’ hands are free for shopping while at the airport.


This new cart integrates a variety of devices and features required by the airport industry while using a contemporary elegant design.