Aug 23

Safety Anchors for Your Roof


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Many homeowners earnestly try to avoid problems that will affect a roof because roof repairs can be very difficult. You will be forced to climb up a ladder and then must use a safety harness and cable while you are on the roof. If you have not installed safety anchors on your roof, you can easily install the safety hooks or rails during the warmer seasons of the year. The rails and hooks can be used to anchor the cable for your safety harness.

Rails for Roofs

Some homes have rails that surround the roof and also divide the different sections of the roof. The rails are used to prevent workers and supplies from sliding off the roof. If you install rails, you must verify that the weight of the rails will not cause a safety hazard. The bolts must be long enough to safely attach the rails and must be properly installed in a section of the roof that has an adequate depth.

Safety Hooks for Roofs

Safety hooks are also bolted to a roof and must be properly attached to avoid a problem. The hooks must be designed to support a specific amount of weight that would be attached to a cable such as the weight of a person who was hanging from a cable that was attached to the hook. If you want advice about the safety hazards for different types of roofs, you can ask roofing contractors such as the professionals from Bend Roofing at NW Quality Roofing.

Types of Roofs

When you make a decision about rails or safety hooks, you should choose the most appropriate kind of safety anchor for your style of roof. Many professional roofers can safely sit on shingles without suddenly sliding on the roof. There are more hazards from tiles and metal panels, which are very slick. The roofers could suddenly slide toward the gutters on tiles or metal panels. Rails are usually a better choice for very slick roofs.

Style of Safety Anchors

The style of rails or safety hooks can be chosen to enhance the appearance of your roof. Hooks are smaller than rails and could be painted a bright color such as royal blue or lime green. The rails could be painted black or brown to match your gutters. You will better prepared to handle roof problems if you have safety anchors.