Oct 05

The Best Device For Rigging In The Logging Industry

ShacklesPeople who work in the logging industry have a very difficult job. They work long hours in harsh and dangerous conditions. The amount of danger they are subjected to is directly related to the quality of the equipment that they use. Because loggers routinely need to put themselves in precarious positions, they rely on their equipment to keep them safe and out of harm’s way. It is not an overstatement to say that loggers put their lives on the line all the time. Here are some examples of equipment that loggers need to use on a daily basis.


1. Prevention from falls

A harness is one of the most essential pieces of safety equipment that loggers use every day. If a harness is working correctly and properly secured, it will prevent the person wearing it from falling. Harnesses have saved the lives of countless loggers. There is also an assortment of other items that are used in combination with harnesses. Rope lifelines are connected to a harness. There are also lifelines that retract by themselves. If a person should fall, the lifeline will automatically pull that person up to a predetermined height. Controlled descent devices are used to slowly lower a logger into a safe position to start working.

2. Rigging devices

This category consists of a wide variety of devices made by many manufacturers. Lifting beams and spreading beams are two of the most common items that are used for lifting and carrying heavy logs and other items that needs to be moved during a project. Needless to say, the strength of these items is important because of the amount of weight they are asked to carry on a daily basis. If they should fail, injuries and death could occur. Westech Rigging Supply sells a nice assortment of devices used for rigging. You can look at their selection by paying a visit to http://www.westechrigging.com/.

3. Pullers and hoists

Much of logging work involves pulling and lifting trees and the loggers who are cutting them down. This is why having pullers and hoists that are strong, durable and work properly is so important for loggers to be able to finish their job on schedule with no injuries. There are a few different types of hoists that are made. Some are electric and very easy to use. However, damp conditions sometimes necessitate the use of chain hoists that are operated by hand.