Jun 30

Think ‘Foam’ When It is Time to Replace Your Old Mattress

When it is time to replace your bed’s old mattress or if you are looking for the ultimate in sleeping comfort, make foam one of the options you consider. Lighter weight than traditional mattress materials, foam is also extremely durable.

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Ready-made foam mattresses can be a little expensive, though. Buying a large foam sheet from The Foam Factory is one cost-saving measure you can take. Placing a thinner foam pad atop your existing mattress is also a simple solution on those nights when you toss and turn from the pain of a sore back.

Foam sheets are available in a large number of thicknesses, dimensions and density options. The one- or two-inch thick pads work very well as mattress toppers. If you are thinking about a new mattress, you have a choice of 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-inch thicknesses. Firmness tends to increase with thickness, so consider this factor when selecting the foam for your new bedding.

While the modern world has become accustomed to standard bed sizes – twin, full, queen, king and California king – vintage beds were often handmade and vary widely in their lengths and widths. If you have inherited one of these antique beds and need an affordable custom-size mattress, foam could be the answer. The best foam companies will be happy to cut a foam mattress to the size you need.

Comfort and support are two qualities that are very much individual preferences. Some people prefer a slightly softer comfort level, especially if they are side sleepers. This softer option cradles your shoulders, hips and knees, relieving morning stiffness and joint pain. Back sleepers often choose more firmness that supports their spines and hips in the way they prefer.

Polyfoam mattresses and pads are good options for beds that are seldom used, such as those in guest rooms. They are a lower-cost option that still provide a good night’s sleep on occasion. With their somewhat limited durability, they are not a good choice for beds that are slept on every night.


Supersoft polyfoam pads and mattresses often make sense for people who must spend extensive amounts of time in bed due to injury, illness or age. The enhanced softness alleviates pressure on certain body parts, a real benefit for those prone to developing bedsores.


Your day goes better after a good night’s sleep. With a new quality foam topper or mattress, you will rest easier and get up with more energy and brighter outlook on life.