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Oct 10

Create a Beautiful Balcony Apartment With Minimalist Garden


  Living in a vertical dwelling like an apartment there must be plus and minus. Plus apartments tend to be close to the city center and you do not have to think about cleanliness and security on the outside because it has been taken care of the manager. But what’s the minus? The rooms are …

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Dec 14

Decorating Tips and Maintenance Apartment Minimalist, For a More Convenient

minimalist apartment

In the modern era of the all present, then all aspects of life must have experienced an increase in cost. No exception when we want to build or renovate a house. Therefore, not a few people who prefer to buy an apartment as a residence. As we know an outbreak of a minimalist concept is …

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Oct 10

Beautify the room with a beautiful carpet floor

beauty carpet floor

Floor as one important component in a building. Selection of the appropriate floor covering material will strongly support the function and beauty of the building. Now, there are a wide variety of material options ranging from textile floor coverings and carpet, ceramic and stone, laminated flooring, vinyl, wooden parquet, and so on. Beautify the room …

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Sep 02

The Role Of Sliding Doors In Your Home


Introduction Sliding Wardrobe Doors are becoming increasingly popular today. This is probably because they are very easy to install and doesn’t take too much space when opening. They also come in varieties of designs. If you are trying to find the perfect sliding doors for your wardrobe, you must first realize that there are three …

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Aug 13

Security System: The Need Of The Hour

secuirty system home

A few decades ago a security system installed at home was a fairly rare sight. It was uncommon to see in every household and was predominantly seen in the houses of the wealthy. With rising crime rates and pervading lawlessness, it has become imperative for citizens to install security alarms to safeguard their homes and …

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