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Nov 17

Bathroom Interior Design with Classic Nuance


The domination of modern contemporary design theme like this, there are still many people who love old themes titled classic, traditional, vintage, and the like, even if only on one of the existing space in the dwelling they live. For example, just in the bathroom. So, how to mixing and matching these old themes in …

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Oct 01

Interesting Bathroom Design Create A Cozy Atmosphere

Antique Bathroom Design3

The bathroom did not play an important role as well as the main room or living room. But don’t underestimate the bathroom because if uncomfortable bathroom is used usually lazy residents use the bathroom. Its location is okay at the very back of the House or the innermost part of the House, but the bathroom …

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Sep 25

Redesigning A Bathroom With Beautiful Curtains

Beautiful Curtains2

Redesigning the bathroom every year to create a better mood and feel happy to be in the bathroom. Redecorating is a good idea for your bathroom that was already considered out of date. How much does it cost to redecorate your bathroom in every year? Turns out you just need to spend a relatively small …

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Sep 12

Unique Things In The Bathroom Of The Nerds

place map book on toilet paper hanger1

Do you like to read a books? Or do you have a friend who was nicknamed the nerds? Perhaps you’re curious, how they live if without books? Yes, this is what happens when a person cannot be separated from the book even though they’re in the bathroom! I have collected 5 unique things that you …

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Oct 05

Country Bathroom Design

Country Bathroom Design

An attractive country bathroom design would need to have a central focal priority, an costly footed tub. You will find many styles which are connected with country lavatories, however the traditional footed tub needs to be a connection easily produced in the minds of numerous who’ve really used this type of bathroom. These large tubs …

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