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Nov 17

Bathroom Interior Design with Classic Nuance


The domination of modern contemporary design theme like this, there are still many people who love old themes titled classic, traditional, vintage, and the like, even if only on one of the existing space in the dwelling they live. For example, just in the bathroom. So, how to mixing and matching these old themes in …

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Sep 27

Attractive And Antique Bathroom Design

Antique Bathroom Design4

One of the most important rooms in a House is a dream bathroom. Where in the room you can bathe, urinate, and so on. However, you have to decorate your bathroom with good shower room to get better. In addition, it has to be stylish and attractive as any other room in your home. One …

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Sep 26

Design a Bathroom In The Bedroom

In fact the bathroom is a room that is private, therefore many who make the bathroom in her bedroom, so the bathroom is only in use by your own personal. The bathroom should be cleaned frequently and its use should always clean in order to be comfortable and easy to use, therefore when the bathroom …

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Sep 24

Creating A Small Bathroom Under The Stairs

Build houses, but not well planned course will lead to the formation of a new blank space on a home. If already planned, sometimes blank spaces only be left alone so that unused. One of them is that often occurs is in a room under the stairs. The basement stairs usually have small size so …

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Sep 09

Choosing The Right Sink Design For Bathroom

The sink in the bathroom may be seen as a bagatelle for you. But, from the things that are trivial thought this problem could arise. You would not know just how simple things can cause minor problems that turned out to be enough to grip. Let’s choose a bathroom sink that fits the needs and …

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