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Jun 01

Recipe Choosing Paint Colors for Your Residential

color houses

Paint a house is not an easy matter. Color selection can sometimes be a problem, the entire household is usually argue about this issue. Finally, most of the inhabitants do not feel comfortable. Color does have an important role in creating a home in comfort. Because of that election should not only be based on …

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May 30

Arranging furniture in the apartment Tricks

small apartment

Every shelter needs different treatment. The location, building type, to determine the size of the residence decoration tendencies. For those of you who live in a studio apartment, the room will feel very cramped if you choose the furniture. Here are some quick tricks for you who live in small apartments. First Avoid using a …

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May 21

Tips on How to Make The Comfortable Bathroom


The bathroom is a core part of a house . Morning activities start from this place . When we want to build or renovate bathroom is good and healthy , there are things we have to consider . Several aspects must be considered , such as size , condition of the bathroom is dry or …

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May 16

Creating Fun Atmosphere in The Small Bedroom

small bedroom

For those of you who have a room the size of a small and simple is certainly very difficult to organize a large variety of furniture or furnishings inside . Here are a few tips to organize the interior of the bedroom For small and simple to be pleasant atmosphere of the bedroom. 1. Arrange …

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May 14

Beautiful Color Idea for Bedroom


Everyone knows that color is one of the most important factors in creating a beautiful bedroom design. Color is an integral part of the renovation, decorating or creating designs, so choosing the right color should be considered carefully. As stated in the previous article, the color can be pushed effect on emotions, perceptions and interactions. …

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