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Sep 08

Commercial Claims Adjuster


When people think about insurance that covers them in the event of a natural disaster or a terrible accident they usually think about their home, their car, and their personal item. Insurance is necessary to cover each of those things. It is also important for businesses. Commercial insurance is a must for any business no …

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Nov 06

Contesting FEMA’s Flood Area Designations

flood area

Having a parcel of real estate placed on a flood map designation can have a financially devastating effect on its value. Standard property insurance policies do not cover flood damage if the property is designated in a flood area, if they are listed on the flood insurance rate map. Those companies that do offer flood …

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Oct 16

What Dictates How Much You Can Borrow for a New Home?


Getting a home loan isn’t something you can do quickly. You cannot walk into the bank, apply for a loan and walk out with hundreds of thousands of dollars. Mortgage lenders weigh different factors about you carefully to determine if you are a good or a bad risk. The amount you can borrow varies based …

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Sep 10

Three Investments That Will Make Your Food Company More Successful

invest employee to growing business

If you run a food service company and want to ensure that it remains in a state of constant growth, utilizing a wide range of effective expansion strategies can be the key to making it happen. Here are three investments you can make to ensure that your food business starts to bloom and blossom with …

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Nov 22

Mortgage Protection Insurance

mortage protection insurance

If you have a mortgage, you’ve likely received mortgage protection insurance(http://www.mortgageprotection.com/) offers. The offers may vary in nature, but for the most part, this insurance typically covers your mortgage payments in the event that you become disabled or lose your job. If you pass away, mortgage insurance will cover your payments and keep the burden …

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