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Jul 15

Tips Presented Butterfly in the courtyard of the House


The shady garden is certainly the hope most people who own a home. What if the green lawns into a shelter, a group of beautiful insects such as butterflies. Yard of your home can appear more vibrant with the presence of the insect. But it’s not easy you know create ecosystems that are convenient to …

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Nov 19

Small Garden For Minimalist House


Minimalist House indeed is currently popular because it is considered a great fit with the image of modern society today that is not far from the simple, minimalist, and practical. Talking about House design minimalist, most people tend to be more highlighting aspects like interior color selection, layout, options and accessories, furniture and lighting. Few …

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Aug 10

How To Make A Beautiful Garden

minimalist garden1

Beautiful home generally never be separated from the garden. Although luxury homes and large, but if there is no garden, seemed incomplete to forget. Not a few who engage in a residential park, whether it is placed in front of the house, in addition to, or in the back. The park has several functions, among …

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Jun 18

8 Things Before Making Water Wall

water wall

The high price of land, making houses there now has an area that is not too large and often become obstacles to bring the water in the atmosphere of the house. Water wall be the answer for those who want to bring the atmosphere of water in the house but do not have a vast …

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