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Dec 31

Blue Accent Steals Attention In Your Living Room

In the family room, the blue colour you can apply as an interesting accent. Combine colours accent the main colours Blue with grey so impressed more steal attention. We recommend that you select the colour blue to a growing atmosphere of life in the family room. Presents interesting impression through the application deep blue colour …

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Dec 30

The Application Of Colour In Your Living Room

The family room is a part of the House, which has an important role. In this is the whole family get together and spend time together. That’s why the family room should be made with an attractive design and comfortable. You can apply the appropriate paint colours to give a touch of comfortable in your …

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Dec 29

The Family Room With A Feminine Touch

Bring a touch of gentle fun in the family room playing with colours that are able to create a feminine impression. Apply colours such as pink, pastel blue, pastel green. With the right setup, your living room will look beautiful. Feminine colours will give the impression of a cheerful and vigorous in the family room. …

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Dec 28

Creates The Impression Of Relaxed Living Room With Colour

Colour is an important element in a dwelling. Not only adds to the aesthetics, colour can also determine the comfort of a dwelling. For example, to get relaxed impression, pastel colours is the right choice. For example, for a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere, you can try to get the accent colours such as pastel purple through …

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Dec 27

Make Your Living Room Feels Comfortable With The Brown Colour

Apply a brown colour as the primary colour is dominant in the family room.To make the brown color remains in tune, you should apply some chocolate from various gradations. For example, light brown and dark brown, so the atmosphere of the room does not look monotonous. You and any family to feel comfortable when the …

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