Oct 31

5 Tips to Get You Painting in No Time

Sure, interior painting can be challenging, but no one promised it would be easy. It’s usually those who assume the task would be easy and those who are too panicky to even attempt the job! What could be so hard about dipping a brush into a paint bucket? Though painting is not a simple task, it’s nothing to be scared of either. Peek at the following five painting tips to help put your mind at ease.


5 Tips to Get You Painting in No Time

1. Cleaning

Before painting, make sure your ceiling and walls are free from any dirt and grime. Use water and a gentle detergent with a sponge, afterwards rinse with water.

2. The Shortcut

Take a trim brush approximately 2-2.5 inches in size and create a strip along the border of the room where the wall and ceiling meet.

3. The Ceiling

This step calls for some serious painting. Using your roller, roll the ceiling first. First, make certain that all excess paint is removed from the roller by utilizing the rim of the paint tray.

4. Wall Painting

After making sure your ceiling is no longer wet, it’s time for wall painting. First, cut in along the wall-ceiling line with your trim brush including the moldings of the door and windows. This way, you will have more room when you use your roller again to paint large spaces in a short time.

5. Trim Painting

The final phase is painting the trim. After the paint is 100% dry, take painters blue tape and tape the part where the trim and wall meet. Paint the frames, baseboard, and moldings, using an angled brush.

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