Aug 05

6 Ways to Exterminate Rats from Your Home

ratsRats can carry many harmful diseases. Therefore, it is important to always keep the cleanliness of the house to avoid the small creatures that one. But what to do if a rat has entered your home?

As quoted from eHow, here are some ways to repel mice from your home.

1. Provide mousetrap in any form (glue, cage or poisons) in the home. Put the trap under the sink, in a drawer or beside the shower drains. Put the bait in the form of foods such as peanut butter, cheese or salted fish.

2. Examine every angle, hole or damaged parts inside or outside the home. According to the Minnesota Nuisance Wildlife Control, rats can adjust the size of the body so that it can fit into a hole the size of a pencil. Fix any holes either large or small to prevent rat entry.

3. Close all vents that connect to the outside of the house. For example, holes dryer, air conditioning hose or drain in the shower. Same as described in point 2, you need to be careful because a rat can fit through the small hole.

4. Avoid putting items that might be a rat hiding places, such as piles of magazines, old clothes, cans or bottles are open and bins. Clean the house as much as possible, because the rest of the food for the rats feel at home in your home.

5. Spray repellent rats in each hole or door. You can buy rat repellent spray form at the store or make it yourself. The trick, mix 1 teaspoon of peppermint oil and 3 cups warm water.

6. Besides trying the above methods, raise animals such as crickets, cat or snake could be alternative ways to chase mice. Aroma female cat and rat droppings can make lazy get into your house. Snake skin and crickets also have the same effect.