Jul 14

7 Factors Before Making The Swimming Pool

Swimming became the sport of body which has now become a priority and a favorite choice of many people. Not only refreshing, but also good to shrink the stomach and increase height. For those of you who want a little privacy when swimming, making a pool at home can indeed be made an option.

The existence of the pool at home is not only beneficial to swim family members hobby, but also make Your dwelling feel airy and welcoming nature. The views are presented from the pool as the blue of the water and splash posed, giving the sensation of relaxing on your eyes. The more interesting when it’s swimming pool landscape views can be captured from within the House.

So many inspiring the design of the swimming pool, but you still need to reflect on the concept and the style of the House. Check out the 7 factors to consider when creating the pool.

The size and Layouthome swimming pool

The first thing you notice is the size of the pool and the availability of vacant land at home. If indeed the available land is not too big, it does not matter if a small swimming pool. Because the most important thing is how you work around. In addition, you also have to adjust the layout of the pool with the concept and the theme of the house. Because the effect on the layout of the main factors making the pool, so make a plan in advance.

Terrace/Pool Deck

The area around the pool is as important as the physical structure of the pool itself. One thing to note is the patio or pool deck. There are many ideas for you in making a pool deck. Some of them such as the wooden deck, floor with natural rocks, artistically arranged stone stepping value or even terraces that blends directly with home building. There are two important points related to this pool deck. First, the terrace is made must be anti skid and not slippery for the sake of maintaining the safety and comfort of you and your family. Second, the cleanliness of the pool deck. You can use a power washer in order to pool deck always looks clean and shiny. Because of the cleanliness of the pool terrace also affect your family’s comfort, isn’t it?


After determining the layout and the pool terrace, now is the time you determine the vegetation that can beautify your pool. If you want a natural atmosphere, give a natural touch by planting coconut palms, Cambodia, Erythrina Variegata red or banana fan to accompany Your tropical outdoor pool. But if you want to plant another tree, it doesn’t matter as long as in accordance with the concept and the theme of your home.

Water Depth

Not only the beauty of the outside of the pool, the physical state of the pool should also be heeded. One of them is the depth of the water. From the adult pool, where the water depth is 1.4 meter rate of up to 2 meters. You can combine the two to create a ramp as its separator. When you have kids at home, the level of the recommended water depth of about 0.5 meters.

Water and circulation

Water and the circulatory system also have its own effect. Make it overflow or water spills into the swimming pool, to add to the comfortable atmosphere and relax. As an alternative, you can use the structured Temple stones piled to the outskirts of overflow. You should also pay attention to the State swimming pool water after when worn. What is a little murky because the oil from the hair lotion, skin or even being left behind in the water. Just throw a tennis ball into the air, and fiber will directly absorb the oil left behind. Unique way, isn’t it?


There are several types of filters to choose from, so the plan from the beginning before making the pool. Because the filter that is used will be influential in the construction of buildings, and the structure of the pool itself.

The Height Of The Floor Surface

The next important thing to look for is the level of the height of the floor surface. Try the pool elevation not higher than pool deck. It is intended to maintain the comfort and safety of the family.