Mar 25

A Beautiful garden On The Leaning Land

beautiful garden5The various ways we can do to beautify the look of the garden. One way is to choose the type of plants that display the leaves or flowers look beautiful and have a high appeal. The plant can also be arranged with a certain concept resulting in attractive scenery and eye-catching.

Either way, then comes the new ideas to create a garden that looks not only beautiful but also unique. For example, is making use of land sloping garden. Although today many uses the sloping land to create the park, this time will be given an example of the park located on the slopes, but there is a sensation that can make the park could be more special.

As seen in the picture, the park form a pattern that resembles a painting depicting two people doing sport of cycling. To create a garden like this is not really a difficult thing, as long as we know how and manufacturing techniques.

Which was first prepared to make a garden like this of course is creating sloping land itself. The trick has not just buried and shape it into a slant. This is the wrong way because the soil will be prone to landslides, especially if exposed to heavy rain shower.

Previous create walls that can be made of brick. Then on the side of the park would be made given the size of the stone structure adjusted to the height and area of the park that would be made. This stone is also arranged with a certain technique that from the bottom will have a larger size and growing up to be narrower or smaller. So when viewed from the side will form a triangle with the size of the angle of 90 degrees.

This stone has a function to hold the soil is used as a media park that are not easily fall and landslides as well as to absorb water. Afterwards, this stone structure covered with a layer of soil for planting medium.

Of sloping land that is so we created a pattern or image in accordance with the wishes and tastes. Sometimes people in making a pattern or theme, adjust the location or function of these parks and buildings there are existing buildings. Parks that make up the exercise bike in the picture is a park located in a stadium that is usually used for sporting competitions, especially cycling.

Once the pattern was made by forming lines on the ground already so the next step is to prepare the type of plants that would be used. Types of plants used should have the color of leaves and flowers are different. The aim is that the pattern can be formed garden look more real.

In addition, these plants should also be selected from species that are not woody or soft trunked so easily trimmed and shaped. Another reason is, timber plants require a longer time to grow and have a larger size that can cause us difficulty regulating its growth.

Another thing to note is the growth of the garden, and should be carefully considered. Especially for plants that emit flowers. Try as already growing these plants could have the same height or aligned with a pattern made.

To put or plant crops into the soil media, also should not be arbitrary. In addition to following the pattern and predetermined flow must also be laid out in such a way so that water can flow directly fall down without damaging the sweep and soil composition.

If you want the lines contained in the pattern of these plants can be seen firmer, give the distance between the pattern of the other patterns. Another function of the use of this distance is to regulate the growth of plants that can be more easily regulated and trimmed.

After waiting a few days or weeks so that plants can grow with the meeting. Then become a garden on the sloping land with a very beautiful, even dramatic.