Apr 28

Adjusting Colors With Room Interior Theme

interior renovationEvery room in the house certainly has a different function , as did also the inhabitants . When choosing color when remodeling the interior of your home, the first thing to do is determine the theme and function of each room . Besides who will be the main occupant of the room is also a matter to be considered .

Let’s try to start from the most used room in the house , that there is also a family room or living room is combined with . This room will be used very often because it is where family and guests gather to visit , so choose colors that give a friendly impression , which seemed to greet with the word ” welcome” , and warm . One of the commonly used color for this room is light brown or beige . Both of these colors can give the impression of natural , warm , and welcoming to anyone who entered the room. In addition , brown and beige is a very neutral color , so you can use the furniture with the color and type anything to your living room. Light brown and beige colors are also commonly used for the primary colors in a minimalist and classic house .

Another room is also often occupied day-to- day is the bedroom. If you have a small child and was selecting the design of a small bedroom , then the color chosen should be that bright colors like blue , pink and green . Three colors are very often used to create a bright atmosphere , quiet and fun in the bedroom . As a variation , you can also add wallpaper to enliven the situation in the room. Make sure the child bedroom color according to her favorite color , so your child will feel comfortable and at home in his room.