Sep 17

Avoid These Mistakes in Choosing Paint Colors Home

paintColor right home can make your home look more attractive. In fact, many people who make mistakes in choosing the color of the house.

Here is a mistake that you should avoid to paint the house.

Paint the ceiling

Avoid using white for the ceiling because it will make the room become pale. Use a mixture of gray or beige color to use your palate.

Color Combinations

If you want to combine the color of a wall with a window or door, avoid using derivative color, whether older or younger color. To create the impression of living in your house, get out of the color derivatives, but still choose a matching color to appear harmonious and beautiful.

Balance With Neutral color

If you already incorporate some color to your home, be sure to balance it with neutral colors such as white or gray.


If you have to choose the color in the living room or family room, make your home as a whole has the same color. Both the room, bathroom, and kitchen so your home looks harmonious and beautiful.


The mistake many people are when using neutral colors do not add other colors as a contrast color. If you use a cream color on the walls of the house can add white on the other, and if using shades of gray, red color can be used as a contrast. Make your home seem bold and bright.