Jan 08

Basic Tips for Passing a Crane Inspection

proserva1Passing an OSHA or local inspection for your construction equipment doesn’t mean saving money on potential repair bills and fines; it means having equipment that is in optimal running condition and thus is safe to operate and be around. If you’re anxious about inspections of your crane equipment, companies such as ProservCrane Group have a few tips for you.

First, conduct your own inspections on a regular basis. Insist on employees doing walk-around and physical inspections before and after operating any construction equipment. Keep a checklist of what to look for and examine, so that nothing is overlooked. Conducting your own inspections not only familiarizes you with your equipment, but will also alert you to any potential issues that can be addressed promptly.

Second, always take care of potential problems right away. If you put off a “minor” problem to deal with later, it could blossom into a significant problem that might end up causing significant damage to the overall equipment, other equipment in your fleet, or possibly injure operators, employees, and even innocent bystanders.

Finally, keep detailed logs of usage and inspections of your equipment. Inspectors always appreciate having logs to look over when they are conducting their own inspection.