May 04

Caring for a Portable Generator

ServicingGeneratorA generator is a useful tool especially during electrical outages, and homeowners who live in an area that are prone to heavy storms should consider investing in one. Like any investment, a generator requires basic maintenance and care to ensure it is in working order. If don’t, however, provide proper care, you could be looking for expensive generator service Houston TX. Thankfully, the following maintenance tips will help ensure your generator keeps running for years to come.

Basic Care

• Have the generator service at least once a year. Experts recommend having it serviced before you start using the generator for the season.
• Provide proper tuning by checking and, if necessary, changing the oil. Make sure to use the oil recommended by the manufacture for best results.
• Avoid allowing the generator to sit while there is fuel left in the system. If, however, you do leave fuel in the tank for long periods of time without running, use a stabilizer to ensure the ethanol doesn’t damage the carburetor if it separates.
• Regularly check the generator for wear and tear. If you notice damage or fraying, discontinue use immediately. Avoid using a generator that has fraying or damage until it can be fixed by a trusted repair person.

Tips on Setting and Using a Generator

• Make sure the generator sits on a level area that is well ventilated and located outside.
• You should keep oil and fuel on hand at all times. You never know when a storm will hit and you will need to use the generator.
• Never use the generator in an enclosed location, such as a garage or house. The generator will produce carbon monoxide that will build up in the enclosed area and pose a serious risk to you and your family’s health.
• Unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer, never attach the generator directly to the electrical circuits of your home. Most homes cannot properly handle it and a deadly situation could occur.
• Familiarize yourself with the generator before using. Read and following all the instructions found in the owner’s manual. This will help reduce the chance of damage to the generator as well as help keep you safe.
• Always use a respected repair person to service or fix the generator. If the generator is still under warranty, contact the manufacture who can steer in you the right direction on getting the item fixed or replaced.