Jun 30

Clever Tips to Make Your Home Appear Larger

You might have a home with less than 1,000 square feet, making it relatively small for more than just a couple people. However, your future home sale doesn’t have to be a small monetary transaction. It’s possible to make any property appear larger with a few clever upgrades. Select these alterations based on your budget to make the property shine.homedesign

Add a Deck

Although this home improvement idea is relatively expensive, adding a deck to your home’s exterior increases property values significantly. You aren’t adding on a very expensive addition to increase official square footage values, but creating an outdoor space that extends the living room itself. Any buyers will walk in and see a huge expanse of both interior and exterior space, possibly drawing them to your property instead of others.

Create Doors to the Exterior


If adding a deck isn’t possible with your budget, consider French doors for your master bedroom or living room. These double doors are usually constructed of quality wood frames and glass center sections. Anyone walking in the room can see through the doors and into the yard. Open up the doors to essentially bring the outdoors inside. This access point alone is often a selling point for potential buyers.

Lose a Wall

large area

Some home designs have poor flow with walls blocking and designating different living spaces. These confining walls only make the space look smaller. Hire a skilled contractor to verify which walls aren’t load-bearing types. You want to remove at least one wall to bring more light and space into the area. With the right wall taken out, you’ll notice the home looks huge compared to before the change.

Paint with Light Colors Inside

beige color

You might want a dramatic look to the home, but avoid dark-colored paint on the interior of a small home. These colors only make the space smaller. Light colors, such as white or beige, provide a brightness to the area along with the perception of a large space. Paint walls and even cabinets in light colors to see the difference.

When you purchase any home improvement items, including products from ETO Doors, always look over the craftsmanship upon receipt. If you notice any anomalies, report them immediately to the seller. You must have a quality product to add into your property for the best value and return investment. Reputable product manufacturers are happy to exchange the items.