Jan 12

Creative Ideas Make Lamp From Used Goods

Probably most of us have a lot of used goods that are unused and piling up in the garage soon discarded. When we look at some used items can be processed and reused so that it has a value of function and aesthetics.

In this article will be discussed how to utilize used goods back into the lamp also has aesthetic value. Starting from the harness back plastic spoons, bottles, boxes of used paper to be lights that have aesthetic value and can be used for decoration in the home. May be useful.

1. The Light from Plastic Spoons

The Light from Plastic SpoonsDesigned by Yaroslav Olenev, lamps made from plastic spoons this is a simple example of how to utilize the back of plastic spoon materials into goods that have value added. This lamp design is actually made to invite us all more caring for the environment. In addition, this unique lamp design was also awarded in the field of ecology and design by Future Now Magazine. To make this lamp is not required special skills, just by using simple tools such as glue, cutting tools, wires and lights you guys can try making it at home. An explanation and steps of manufacture can be seen here

2. The light from the Drum Set

The light from the Drum Set

The design of light that one can be quite eccentric. Use drum sets the former as a media creation, lamp decoration of this restaurant adorns JJ Red Hot in North Carolina. The idea to create this lamp came from Matt Ludwig an expert welding and manufacture of metal tools. This lamp is made to honour his predecessor’s restaurant named “The Drum”.

3. The Light from Box Former

The Light from Box Former1 The Light from Box Former2 The Light from Box Former3 The Light from Box Former4 The Light from Box Former5

Creativity cannot be limited, this expression deserves given by Ed Chew. By using paperboard packaging drinks former Ed Chew capable of processing paper packaging into the creative lights decoration of the former. To make this lamp does not require special skills and you can also make it with ingredients that are often encountered in everyday life. The effect of light generated from Tetra Boxes is quite unique, producing light with striped patterns. Maybe you guys can make it also to decorate a room so it looks unique. Tetra light Box other creations can be seen here

4. The Light from used Bottles

The Light from used Bottles

The lights on this one is the most energy-efficient lamps and eco-friendly. A Litter of Light, is a movement pioneered by Illac Diaz. The goal of this project is how to make a cheap and efficient solution to the problem of energy in residential areas left behind in the Philippines. By using a very simple tool, namely bottles and help Sunlight, was created “A Litter of Light”. This idea later has become the inspiration in various countries to address the problem of energy, especially in residential areas left behind.

5. The lights from the former Lace

The lights from the former Lace

This light creation begins from the spirit of Do It Yourself (DIY) that many developed countries in Europe and the United States. Hobby to channel and fill his spare time, Isabelle McAllister created the unique light décor to create the lighting in the room to be more gentle. The lights are called Lace Lamp/Lamp is made from Doily the materials easily found fabric such as lace and balloons. For an explanation and steps of manufacture can be seen here

6. The lights the clouds from paper

The lights the clouds from paper1 The lights the clouds from paper2

Using a simple media, namely paper, this lamp is able to provide a comfortable atmosphere for the baby’s room. Cloud Wall Night Light is a simple creativity by making decorations the lights to sleep from paper to the baby’s room. In addition to creating lighting in the rooms more comfortable by the time the baby sleep, the light decoration design also provides a friendly atmosphere for a baby.

7. The lights from used Glass Paper

The lights of Glass Paper Former

Paper Cup unused already seems to be a reusable item that has a value added. Paper Cups, Lamp is a lamp decoration creations using paper Cup former. With a used paper Cup reorder and add lights inside the glass of the lamp, the former appears to be making room lighting becomes more beautiful and comfortable.

8. The Light of the pieces of used paper

The Light of the pieces of paper the former

Utilizing media as paper, decoration lights made by Gabrielle this Guy are inspired by old Lantern he found in her new home. The old owners apparently forgot to bring his old lantern, but it instead became an idea for Gabrielle. By cutting out paper and paste it on the old Lantern he found, then creating a unique light installed in a living room. Creativity cannot be limited, our own can make the creation of things that often we encounter on a daily routine.

Do It Yourself (DIY) is the passion to create different creations from the most simple to the most complex. This DIY movement has now become a lifestyle even spirit to channel his talents and hobbies. A creation of the spirit of DIY instead lies in whether or not the best products, but rather in the satisfaction and excitement to channel the creativity. Hopefully this article can be useful for us.