Oct 31

Differences in Exterior paint with Interior Paint

paintInterior Paint differences with painted exterior. Choose the paint whether it’s paint exterior and interior paint turned out not to be indiscriminate and select origin only. Because of the characteristics of a cat turned out to be different, there are some things that make the paint cannot be in use on all the walls. For example, an interior paint (inside the House) even more accentuate its aesthetic aspect, while the exterior Paint (the outside of the House) is more protective of the weather.

Interior paint obviously cannot be used for the exterior. In contrast, the exterior paint can be used for interior

Differences in Exterior paint with Interior Paint

Interior paint equispaced can be seen from the appearance and color of paint layers. In addition it is also easy to clean and easy care, no easy moldy when applied in areas that are quite humid (wet areas). Additionally, on his coat of paint can cover the hair cracks on the wall, and that certainly should be free from heavy metal content (heavy metal).

Exterior paint, in addition to giving the aesthetic aspect of the wall should also serve to protect the wall from the weather. Exposure to sunlight, cold, rain, temperature changes and the wall of the whipping due to weather changes will make quick damage to the outer wall. This is where the necessity of an exterior paint that is impervious to the weather that is not easily damaged. Little damage occurred would cause water seepage during the rainy season into the inner wall. This damage will generally cause the spots-spots on the walls and moldy easily.

The content of hazardous substances in a cat is also an important thing to note. Some harmful substances, such as heavy metals, are commonly used in dyes and additive. A dangerous type of pigments such as lead Chromate are commonly used to give the colors green, yellow, and red, the substances Chromium gives color to green, yellow and orange, and the substances Cadmium give the color green, yellow, Orange and red. A safe paint is a paint that does not contain does not contain these dangerous materials.

Definitely a good quality paint is made from quality materials whose price is different as well. In addition, additional substances content (additive) which is not harmful that is increasingly full of quality paint will make the perfect exterior paint and price will be higher. For example, in terms of smoothness, suppleness coat of paint, as well as ease of application. That’s the difference in Interior Paint with Exterior Paint. Choosing bedroom paint is certainly different to choosing paint a wall outside.