Jun 07

General Liability Insurance Coverage and Possible Customization

When a business owner has decided to get the general liability insurance for his business, there will be things that will be covered by the insurance as well as the things that will not be covered by the insurance. The business owners need to really understand about these things because they will be very important. Understanding these things will help in avoiding misunderstanding between the business owners and the insurance companies. In the liability insurance, aside of being able to provide the common things to be covered, there will be additional insurance coverage as well.


Let’s start by knowing the things that will NOT be covered by the general liability insurance. These things are as the followings:

  • Auto-related coverage. Something related to automotive such as accidents will not be covered by liability insurance. Therefore, companies will need to get the separated auto insurance.
  • Employee injuries. This won’t be covered as well because there is a specific employee compensation that will cover the expenses in this one problem.
  • Mistakes of professional. Employees, despite of being professional might make mistakes but the mishaps caused by the mistakes won’t be covered b liability insurance. For this one problem, there is the option of professional liability insurance.
  • Punitive damages, intentional acts and the business’ workmanship won’t be covered by the general liability insurance.

Now, let’s find out the things that will typically be covered by the general liability insurance. The things that will be covered are as the followings:

  • Injury or damages. The claims that come from the body injuries or property damages caused by the business operations, advertisement as well as the products of business.
  • Investigations, lawsuit and settlements. If a business is sued for the particular damages, the general liability insurance will cover for the investigations, attorney or lawyer expenses, judgment or settlements, case of injury and others.
  • Miscellaneous. Additional coverage for the particular things.

The Additional Coverage from Liability Insurance

This option might be available for the particular businesses. Sometimes, it includes the things those have not been thought by the business owners. Take an advertising injury for example. No matter how small the possibility, this is possible to happen for the various reasons. Maybe, some people get offended and sue a company for the marketing violation upon someone else’s copyright. Another example is the protection against accidents related to alcohol. This is something that will apply only for a business related to alcohol. There is a lot more additional or customization to the liability insurance as long as the policy will become beneficial for both parties.

Certainly, it will be important for a business owner to find the best possible insurance company with the good and most suitable insurance policies. Before choosing one it is a good thing to find out about them first. Try to check every single available insurance offer and then compare them to one another. Eliminate the available options one by one until finally just one option is left to be chosen.