Jun 27

Home Board Caring Tips

wood home boardWho says ancient wood frame house and could not be durable? It all depends on the treatment. Tips on caring for the home board is necessary for building houses such boards can look beautiful and durable. Home Board has several advantages compared to home building, among which can be designed with a more prominent artistic nuance, cheaper cost and more conducive and secure at the time of the occurrence of the earthquake disaster. Compare with home with stone materials at the time of the quake, the risk the safety of its inhabitants is much larger than the home Board. The form of house building boards is usually connected to each other with nails, will make this building is not easy collapse when shaken by a mighty earthquake, you as its inhabitants also have more opportunity to save yourself than when you were in the stone house.

What are some tips to take care of the House Board that I need to know the following, of which you can practice

  1. Tips on caring for the home board first is to maintain the durability of wall board. One of the reasons why people are lazy selecting materials on the board is due to board materials are easily weathered and not durable. The most important treatment for home board is maintaining the durability of the board by way of paint varnish on a wall board. Some people have also added a solar painting on the wall so as not to be eaten by organisms that cause the board quickly obsolete. Add these substances in the walls of your home regularly and periodically. This is to avoid weathering on board due to the presence of organisms or atmosphere temperature is always changing.
  2. Maintain the cleanliness of the home Board is the same as the other houses. Dustbins at the home Board is not synonymous with litter dust on tiled floors. The floor boards are usually shown only a garbage dump with a rather large size. However, the Board must also sweep the House every day, and do floor care, such as tiled floors or cement floors with a Swap. The home boards Caring tips this one related to the tradition of hygiene You in taking care of the House.
  3. The home board caring Tips next is keeping the physical look of the floor of the House. In order to make the floor look gorgeous, you can also wear a carpet floor. Don’t make permanent the carpet because it will ruin the floor boards. An occasional roll is carpet.
  4. Create an aesthetic feel of Your Board on the House. Shades of beauty can emerge from the artistic value of a building. Art at home board, malleable, you can combine Your Board House with little modern equipment such as the wide glass walls, tiled floors and some modern furniture such as sofas, tables and so on.
  5. Home Board is identical to the natural impression. Therefore, it is very appropriate if you choose a variety of natural components for home design, mixing and forming a thick natural shade at home building such as the manufacture of garden furniture, structuring, designing a pond or fountain and so on. Some aspects of the shades of green building such as a roof garden can also be served on the concept of building houses modern natural Board.

The Board is one of the environmentally friendly materials that are excellent for maintaining the balance of nature. Why should the prestige with the Board? As long as you know the techniques and tips for taking care of the home Board, then you’ll be interested in it.