Jun 20

How To Clean a Wood Floor

wood floorWood, as well as other natural materials, vulnerable to damage if not treated properly. Before you clean the hardwood floors, you need to ascertain whether the floor layered water-resistant material or not. Wood floor care different ways, according to the upholstery material.

If your hardwood floors layered water-resistant material, you can mop without worrying about damaging it. Steps:

  • Sweep or suck dust and dirt so as not to scratch the floor when the mop.
  • Dissolve wood floor cleaning liquid in a bucket of warm water. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the product packaging label.
  • Dampen a cloth or mop and wring it out until no water drips. Although layered water-resistant material, puddles on the wood floor should be avoided.
  • Mop the floor by turning a cloth or mop on the floor.
  • Dry the floor with a dry cloth and clean.

Wood floor care not layered water-resistant material is slightly different. You need to be nimble, so the floor is not too wet and not too long exposure to water. Steps:

  • Sweep or suck dust and dirt so as not to scratch the floor when the mop.
  • Mixed wood floor cleaning liquid and a little water. Read and follow the usage instructions on product packaging.
  • Just to make slightly damp mop with the mixture.
  • Rub on the floor and immediately wipe the same parts with a dry cloth and clean.

Some appear wooden floors, when in fact made from synthetic materials that resemble wood or laminate called.

This material is more durable and easier to maintain. Differently from how to clean wood floors that require special cleaning fluid timber floor, you can use the usual ceramic floor cleaning products for laminate flooring. The most important thing to remember when mopping laminate flooring is keep him away from the puddle, so quickly drain new laminate floor mop. Too much water can cause bulging laminate flooring.