Sep 13

How to Decorate a Room With Patterned Decoration

Maybe the first time you want to add a patterned decorations, there is a feeling of doubt. Naturally, because if you do not know the technique, the room who want enhanced even so it looks tacky. But if you know the techniques to decorate the room with patterned décor, guaranteed for sure you’ll be hooked!

Doubts may arise in your mind, because every style of interior appeared to have the philosophy of each. As in the use of solid carpet and smooth floors can make a room feel more neutral and classic. While the addition of patterns and motifs in the room can make housing increasingly felt comfortable, more personal, and more alive.

The easiest way to begin implementing patterned decoration can be started from something small. The addition of decorative elements patterned with matching color tone is highly recommended, and is better than too much color spectrum color. It can make a room seem excessive.

1. Pillows

decoration pillow

The first little thing that you can easily apply is patterned pillow. This experiment is very easy to apply because it only requires funding that is not how. Put some decorative pillows to your furniture are plain and neutral, such as sofas and beds to attract bright colors in the room. If you are observant enough to pick and choose the appropriate motif and color, and you will get your room looks new and fresh without requiring great effort.

2. Carpets


After the patterned cushions, carpet is the best thing that can beautify the room without exaggeration. Classical symmetry motif with vivid color tone is an easy way to start giving a touch of texture and personality to your home. Still confused on which will lay the carpet? Simple enough, put a small rug in the foyer / hall way or in the corners of the most comfortable at home. For a large room such as a bedroom and the living room, carpeting title with a larger size.

3. Wallpaper


A small thing can give a personal touch and typical of a house. For example: installation of wallpaper motif chosen. Although the application of the wallpaper requires a definite commitment – because it is expensive and somewhat permanent – can change the wallpaper unattractive small room became like a jewelry box that gives full comfort.

4. Curtain Window

Curtain Window

Introducing motif in vertical form in your home, without using wallpaper, is to choose a patterned fabric for window blinds. A thick curtain with motifs will enliven any space seem contrast and neutral to attract.

5. Bedroom


Patterns and motifs in the bedroom are a fun way to show your personality in a quiet atmosphere. The choice of bed linen cloth quilt with plain or patterned headboard.

6. Floor tiles

Floor tiles

Floor tiles and the walls of the bathroom is the best medium to showcase your personality motives in utilitarian space. Buy ceramics and its installation, does require a small cost, so make sure you think through your options. An installation with color tone and classical motifs can be a prefix that is fairly easy, compared with geometric motifs with bold colors.

7. Ceiling

minimalist decorative ceiling

An additional motif on the ceiling is a fun and unusual on a decoration or interior design. Is the form of stripes painted or with tonal wallpaper, ceiling are very unique and eye catching chic. Usually children will prefer indoor rooms decorated with patterned ceiling and bold designs.