Jul 02

How To Eliminate Smells From a Bathroom

clean bathroom1Some say that one’s personal way of judging is by looking at the condition of the bathroom in her home. This is not excessive, but the statement is so it is.

For example the bathroom stinks, then certainly the home owner is lazy maintain cleanliness. For that, look at the condition of the bathroom of your home because of guests who visit sometimes likes to borrow your bathroom. You definitely won’t be embarrassed if your toilet clean and fragrant.

So, make sure every corner and a section in your bathroom clean so that bacteria are not easily grown and do not cause the smell not. Because basically, the bathroom becomes a place to clean up the grime of your body and are prone to bacteria and odor.

If it smells foul not start appearing in your bathroom, then you can apply some of the following ways!

1. Install the Vent

clean bathroom

Bathroom ventilation, easy without being muggy giving rise to odors and stuffiness.

Anticipating this, make enough so that ventilation air circulation inside the bathroom to be smooth to drain the foul odor does not go out of the room.

2. Use Room Fresheners

One of the easiest ways to eliminate the odor from the bathroom is using the room fresheners.

Select one of the scents that you like and spray into the shower to get rid of odors in just a few minutes.

3. Clean Regularly

clean bathroom2

However, use room fresheners is not enough. If you do not clean the bathroom regularly, so the smell will come back.

To that end, diligently wash bathtub, toilet, sink, floor, and each part of the bathroom regularly.

4. Keep Moisture

In addition, the floor and walls of the bathroom wet will cause the smells. So, try to keep it dry.

You can wipe after using it and open the door or the bathroom window so that the air in the room does not become moist.