Jul 21

How to Eliminate Smells Of The Dogs and Cats

Pets are trained also sometimes pooping, vomiting, hair loss and left on the floor or carpet. Consider how clean it here.


Top Tips

Although the product ready for use is more practical used to remove pet odors, some people prefer homemade cleaners. Kitchen ingredients such as vinegar is not only practical, but also effective as a carpet cleaner from the smell of animals.

Key points

1. Old towels or a used towel can be used to absorb liquid manure the pet
2. After absorbing the stain with a used towel, sprinkle it with powdered parts baking soda or coffee to help remove remnants of smell
3. Sponges damp and wet wipes can be used to lift the pet hairs attached to the carpet and sofa fabric

Having a pet at home is not only fun, but also can reduce stress levels owner, provided the trained pets are well behaved. Trained dog or cat, even occasionally defecates in the wrong place in the house that cause odor. Urine stains cats and dogs cause two problems, namely to contain disease-causing bacteria and contains ammonia that triggers the stinging smell of urine and difficult to remove. In some cases, You need removal products, the smell of cat or dog pee and how to remove the smell of a cat in the house which is effective. Moreover, beyond the control of their own, dogs and cats must have left the hairs fall out on the floor, carpets, and upholstery. Check out the information which we have outlined to help pet owners.

How to Eliminate the smell of cat or dog pee from Carpet

Clean up abandoned pet feces can be grouped into three, namely cleaning urine, solid impurities, and eliminate the smell. Here’s a guide to perform each of these tasks.

Clean up the pee

1. Use old towels to soak up the puddle of pee pets. Perform this step as soon as possible before the liquid dries. The longer it is left, the more spreading animal urine smell of urine that filled the house and leave spots on the carpet. We recommend using old towels, white or other bright colors prevent running into your carpet color towels.

2. Use deodorizing cat and dog pee on the carpet that are sold in pet stores. Apply or spray directly on the carpet and let stand until dry. Avoid the use of regular carpet cleaning products. Product deodorizing cat and dog pee contain chemicals specifically designed to kill bacteria in the manure.

3. As an alternative, mix water and vinegar with a comparable dose, then rub or spray on the former location of animal urine. Other materials that you can use is a mouthwash containing alcohol but not colored. Let stand for about 30 minutes.

4. If you have a vacuum cleaner machine or other carpet cleaning tool, used to absorb the remaining moisture is still stuck in the carpet. If not, use old towels to absorb moisture in the carpet.

5. Let it dry naturally.

Disposing of Solid Stools


1. In general, you can remove the dirt pets with paper towels, plastic bags or disposable plastic gloves.
2. Somewhat watery stools more difficult removed. Use a piece of cardboard or a few sheets of paper as much as possible to scrape dirt from the carpet. Do it as soon as possible without waiting to dry.
3. Dissolve dish soap or detergent in warm water, stirring until smooth and frothy, then use to clean up the remnants of the stain.
4. Spread or spray deodorizing cat and dog pee you can buy from the store or make your own at home by mixing a colorless mouthwash and vinegar.
5. Soak up excess moisture with a towel on the carpet scrap, then let it dry naturally.

Tips: Provide a special tray receptacle pet feces in the house and get into the habit of pets you wear. Fill the tray with sand or similar material to lure your cat with his instincts when it wants to defecate. Select the tray that is not too shallow or select hooded so that smell in it did not spread to the outside. Discard solid cat to the toilet and do not waste reservoir sand or other materials to the lavatory so as not to clog the discharge channel. Replace sand or material reservoir regularly.

Eliminating The Smells

1. The smell of urine due to urine of cats and dogs is very sharp. You need to wear special deodorizing products for pets after eliminating the feces stains.
2. If the deodorizing ready-made products are not available, sprinkle the area that has been cleaned with enough baking soda or coffee powder to cover all parts of the former animal waste. These materials are able to absorb the smell of pet urine.
3. Let stand for several hours or overnight to get better results. In the morning, a broom or a suction remnant of powder with a vacuum cleaner engine.

How to Eliminate Cat and Dog Fur on Carpet

vacum cleaner

In addition to manure, you also need to remove the hairs on a cat or dog that fall and stick to the carpet and sofa in order to avoid the possibility of allergic reactions. Here are some tips remove the hairs of animals:

1. Sweep or use a vacuum cleaner to remove hairs as much as possible from the surface of the carpet or furniture.
2. Use a damp sponge or wet wipes for collecting feathers remaining. The feathers will stick to the damp sponge or wet wipes so you do not have to pick them one by one.
3. For an area that is not too wide, you can use duct tape or Velcro to lift hairs that fall out or purifier cat and dog fur that was used to lift the hairs fall out animals on clothing.

Tips: Brush your pet’s fur regularly, especially for cats or dogs furry. This will help reduce the amount of hair that fall every day.