Nov 01

How To Paint The Ceiling Leaked Home

ceilingFix leaks that occur at home are sometimes very inconvenient. Not just a hassle will puddle or raindrops, but also cause stains on the ceiling houses which do not unsightly. Ceiling House affected by leakage or seepage of rainwater will cause the black stain. Not only that, the former water leakage of rain also plagued by their particularly vulnerable by the fungus and resulting in faster ceiling porous and highly weathered soils.

There are several ways that can be done to restore the ceiling stained and moldy houses exposed to leakage of rainwater. But the main thing is to first address the leakage of water, so that what happened doesn’t happen again. Here’s how to paint the ceiling leaked home.

How To Paint The Ceiling Leaked Home

  1. Adjust first the source of leaks, check the roof and adjust so that the leak does not happen you.
  2. Clean the ceiling of the house of stain and mildew, use a putty knife to scrape the mold.
  3. Wear a wooden paint or paint a white iron doff, i.e. white paint but not shiny. If not available use the shiny white wood paint, apply on the surface of the ceiling are stained.
  4. Wait until the paint is dry, if the stain is still visible the paint again apply.
  5. Once the white paint was dry, then repainting the ceiling do select the appropriate House paint colors and customize it with the ceiling material. If you want better results, re paint the entire ceiling home indoors so that it doesn’t look striped.

How to paint the ceiling a House should be carefully compared with the way painted walls of the House, because the condition field that directly facing down. Apply a thin only landfall, leave in about 1-5 minutes and do the first brand in other areas. After that the back of the field and do second and third brand to thicken thin, also just so as not to drip down.