May 19

Include the HVAC System in Your Remodel

Happy FamilyWhern dealing with a home remodeling project in Virginia, the heating and cooling system should not be over looked. Upgrading these units to a newer more energy efficient version can provide homeowners with both comfort and savings on their utility bills. Relying on the expertise of a professional installation will further save money and eliminate hassles.

Cooling options for the home include whole house or central air conditioning systems. Portable window units that are removed during colder months are another option. Ductless mini-split units that have part of the system indoors and part outside will free up window space. No matter which option is chosen, upgrading can save 20 to 40% in energy costs.

A popular heating unit in the United States is furnaces that use ductwork to provide heat. There are also boilers that heat water to be used in steam radiators and forced water systems. One can even find heat pumps and electric heater options. Boilers use oil or gas as fuel while furnaces run on propane or natural gas. Energy Star certified systems will be the most energy efficient choices.

Upgrading to any of these heating and cooling units can result in a more comfortable environment at a lower cost to the homeowner. When searching for the right HVAC in Northern Virginia it is important to find a professional to install and maintain the system such as those at Eastern Tech or one working with the homeowner’s contractor.