Oct 12

Know the type and Garden Lawn Maintenance

lawnThe beauty of a garden or home page is indeed not only supported, but also the shape of the elements of his supporters. A park located on the home page has a lot of elements that make up its beauty one is grass.

The grass is one type of ground cover plants are the most commonly used mainly for children. The current land conditions increasingly limited and have the land for green space is a great advantage. By planting grass, we can still make use of it for various land uses and still have the absorbing rainwater.

Types Of Grass Garden

Types of grass itself according to the character and based on its function in the House is divided into two, namely decorative grass and grass is functional.

Decorative Grass

The main function of this decorative grass is as decoration and not often walked on because it could die. This type of grass should be urea fertilizer and manure instead because it will be the trigger the growth of weeds

A Functional Grass

This type of grass is more resistant and is not easily trampled to death, the best fit was planted on the page that are often used to play mostly by children.

Lawn Garden Care

Grass planting should be done in the afternoon when the Sun is not shining. It is intended to give enough time for the grass to prepare themselves to adapt to the new welcome heat the next day.

Air and light from the Sun is the main thing that needed grass. Sandy soils need to be watered more frequently. When rainfall is insufficient then the grass needs to be watered every week.

If the grass is long grass-trimming is done so that the bottom leaves still get sunlight and not wilted yellowing.

When is the rainy season so if the grass is lush and long should start cutting if found weeds don’t just cut the leaves, but revoked it directly up to the roots. The purpose is to make the wild grass will not grow again.

The grass is not denied any more it is part and parcel of the beauty of a garden. But whatever grass you choose to be aware of is that the grass should be in accordance with the character of the House and lawn care also continues to be the main thing.

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