Mar 03

OSHA Safety Training Courses

oshaOSHA 10 and 30 Hour Safety Training Courses provide a highly qualified instructor and all the necessary training materials to give an explanation of employer responsibilities, to make workers more knowledgeable about possible hazards that might happen on the job site, emphasizes the value of safety and health, gives hazard identification as well as prevention and avoidance, describes workers’ rights, and shows how to file a complaint.

The 10-hour program is intended for entry level workers. The 30-hour program provides workers that have responsibility for safety with a greater depth and variety of training. Between Fiscal Year 2008 and Fiscal Year 2013, over 3.6 million workers received training in hazard recognition and avoidance through these programs.

The OSHA website has resources and training materials. Included are PowerPoint presentations, and trainers may also obtain materials from other sources to assist them in the delivery of the classes.

All 10-hour construction classes must include at least four hours on Focus Four hazards, and all 30-hour classes must also include two hours on managing safety and health.

Find out more now by going to our website for detailed explanations, to ask any questions you may have, and to schedule these helpful classes. As an employer, you can supply the classroom and students at your convenience to eliminate travel time and expenses, and we will provide a highly qualified instructor and all training materials. You will receive special discounts on the pricing when it is for a group.