Nov 02

Prepare To Face The Rainy Season

rainThe rainy season can indeed make-the-air inside your home cooler and more comfortable for us to take a break. However, the continuous heavy rain down almost daily and even may cause harm for our homes. To that end, we must prepare to face the rainy season that comes by.

There are some parts of the House that we should notice in order to prepare to face this rainy season. These are some of the roof, drains, air vents, doors and Windows of wood to electricity with our homes.

Prepare To Face The Rainy Season

The Roof Of The House

The biggest problem on the roof when the rainy season is a leak. When the heavy rain down, pay attention to Whether there is a leak in the House. Also note the ceiling meets the wall with the ceiling, use a temporary container for holding water leakage.

Make a list of the which part is leaking when it rains subside until we can fix it. We could anoint paint with a water resistant coating to Prevent leakage to occur again. But if it turns out to be a leak in the Skyrocket outbreak one of the tile House, we should Immediately replace it, and the make sure all the precarious homes installed with precision.

The Waterways

The biggest problem is the rain water in waterways Because The debris is too large or too Because It clogged. Water is not only Enters from the roof of the House, but We also have to beware of in the amount of water around the doors and Windows of our House. Make sure all drains our House works properly and is not clogged.

And that must be taken care Also with an overflow of water is very cloudy in the gutters and gutter around our homes, this water could overflow into our House especially if our position is lower than the road. Clean the drains and gutters of debris or dirt that accumulate may be a clog sewers, try learn the origin of the water into the House and its causes.

Air Vents

Air humidity in the House can threaten the health of families, especially if there are family members WHO are vulnerable or allergies. Make sure the air ventilation system installed with good air circulation until it can run smoothly. Preferably, we install a ventilator in order to “move” the water inside the home.

Moist air also can damage Wood flooring, wood cabinets and other wood furniture. Clean up or even get rid of the carpet from our home for a while, Because the make the relative humidity of the carpet can smell unpleasant and unhealthy for our families. Rugs can also absorb water and hold insects that are harmful to health.

Wooden doors and Windows

During the rainy season, wooden doors and Windows can change shape. Wooden doors can undergo shrinkage roomates could result in the bending of some part of the door, the door is sometimes difficult, to open the lid. When the weather Began to improve, ask an expert or carpenters to fix the House up to not trap the child or the parents in the room.


At present, electricity is like life in our homes. We all need electricity, but power IS ALSO very dangerous especially in the rainy season like this. Water pooled or seeping from the roof leaked Potentially drain current of electricity is leaking on the occupants of the House. Make sure the electrical wiring in the home we are not scattered and none are open. And if the rain failed to stop making our homes hit by Flood inundation. Or even went into the water and almost approaching the stop contact, Immediately shut off the electricity House.