Apr 02

Retirement Living in Ecuador

realestateecuadorIf you are considering relocating to another country during your retirement years, one of the places that has gained popularity in recent years is the country of Ecuador. You can find options for affordable property in Ecuador, and the things you will be able to explore will help you feel like you are on vacation every single day.

One of the biggest draws to a country such as Ecuador is the affordability. For around $1000 a month, most retirees can live comfortably in a variety of different areas, both in the city and outside of the city if they buy property instead of rent.

Another reason so many retirees choose Ecuador is that the climate is welcoming. With its location to the equator, temperatures stay warm and sunny. There are a few places throughout the country where you can also find cooler temperatures to meet your specific needs. Property is available in a variety of spots so that climate can be a priority when searching for the right place to retire.

All of this great weather and affordability help retirees spend their time exploring the country. There are many tourist spots to check out, and the location of Ecuador to nearby countries allows retirees to take weekend getaway trips to places such as Columbia, Peru and Brazil.