May 26

Safe Bathroom Design Tips For Elderly

safe bathroomThe bathroom is identical to the area wet and slippery. If not careful in the design it, chances are that users can slip when using it. Especially when they are elderly. Risks that could occur anytime.

Designing a bathroom for the family not just the aspects of comfort. Equally important is how to ensure security for its users, especially those who are elderly. If one of your family is elderly, make sure the bathroom you really are not harmful to them. You can consider some design tips bathroom following:

First, make sure the bathroom floor is not slippery. You can use the floor with rough-textured ceramic. Can also use natural stone. The material will not become slippery though often scalded. You can also put a rubber mat on the entire surface of the floor of the bathroom. If you use a rubber mat, always position never shifts.

Second, install the handle. Attach the handle on the bathroom wall area, especially near the closet making it easier for them when sitting or about to stand up.

Third, the electrical installation. Make sure that the electrical installation is properly installed. And make sure no electrical installation adjacent to water sources.

Fourth, the water heater. Make sure the water heater working properly. Note also the temperature of the hot water produced, which may not exceed a temperature of 55-60 C. The temperature of the water that is too hot can heat the entire surface of the bathroom floor. And this is obviously very dangerous.

Fifth, the lighting. Make sure the lights are used in the bathroom is able to illuminate the whole room. Put the switch to turn on the lights in places that can be reached easily.

Sixth, the height of the floor. Make sure the entire surface of the flat floor. Avoid making the floor surface with a different height when you want to separate the wet area and a dry area in the bathroom. The surface of the bathroom floor flat will allow them when walking. In addition, wheelchair users will not have trouble.

Seven, You can use the tool (Security Pole and Curved Grab ), in this case the interior is devoted to helping the elderly or are in the care of health recovery.