Dec 07

The Centerpiece That Makes The Dining Table So Beautiful

For you who live at home, to eat with the family in a table becomes a sweet thing. In addition to enjoying the meal together, the bonds of brotherhood also become increasingly tight. Sometimes, many people do not like to linger at the dinner table and choose to eat in front of the television.

Dining table itself is not only used as a place to present and eat food, now its function has begun to shift into one of the sweetener furniture in the house. The selection of design and model dining table is beautiful and interesting, in addition to increasing the spirit in doing cooking activities, also makes the activities of enjoying the dishes become more comfortable and enjoyable.

For decorating the dining table, a centerpiece or decorative decoration that is usually placed in the center of this table will turn your dining table so special. Here are tips from us.

1. Flower Sequence Always Matching Being Centerpiece for Dining Table


You can choose fresh and flavorful flowers that are not too sharp for eating activities are not disturbed.

2. Fruit Can Also Become Mascot for Dining Table


Choose fresh fruit with attractive colors. Avoid using fake fruits, because it can fool the attention

3. Candles


Candles can prevent flying flies on the dining table. In addition, candles can also add comfort at dinner.

4. Organize Fresh Vegetables In Glass Jars


When you organize fresh vegetables in glass jars, you will add taste to eat. For those who do not like vegetables, may even want to try it.

5. Snack In The Center Of The Table


If you have a snack that can catch the attention of other family members, you can put it in the middle of the dinner table.

6. Dried Snacks In Jars


You can also put a dry snack in the middle of the dinner table like beans that have been put into the umbrella for the centerpiece.

7. Coffee Beans In Topless


Is your father, brother or sister a coffee lover? If so, can you put the coffee beans that have been put into the jar in the middle of the dinner table? Coffee can also remove odor from the dining table.

8. Take advantage of Unused Tea Cups


Teacups that are unused and have attractive shades can also be used as a centerpiece on your dining table. Arrange to be an attractive decoration for the dining table.

9. Mini aquarium

mini aquarium

Put a mini aquarium on the dining table gives its own impression. Choose fish that are attractive colors like koi fish.

10. Eating Equipment

Eating Equipment

Put the cutlery like a spoon and fork in the middle of the dining table. Aside from being an ornament, putting spoons and forks as a centerpiece also makes it easier for us to use them.

11. Minimalist Decorations

minimalist decoration

Make a minimalist decoration of a mini basket containing leaves and berries included in the jar. Beautiful to look at while eating.

12. Blend of Plastic Flower and Candle

glass botlle

The blend of plastic flowers and candles produces a unique centerpiece. You can choose the same color of flowers and candles.

13. Bottle Glass with Grains and Candles

glass botlle

Fill the unused glass bottle with the grain. Then, place a colorful candle on it. Put it on the dining table so it looks more lively.

When setting up the centerpiece, make sure the circuit is not higher than the eye view of the person sitting at the table, so that your views are not blocked while chatting. Also make sure that the size is not too large, especially if it sticks to the food container or even disturb the space. Remember, the centerpiece circuit should also be clean because it is adjacent to the food. Hopefully, you are more comfortable to eat a meal at the dinner table