Jul 29

The Importance To Set Workspace Light

room light designLighting in the workspace is important to note. Why is that? Will definitely have a negative impact on health when light work space is not set correctly. Eyestrain when working in the personal workspace in the home associated with bad lighting, whether it is too harsh or too dim.

Well, on this occasion we will review the important tips to organize workspace lighting. Do your eyes often experience fatigue? Be careful! Eye fatigue due to light, improper work space can lead to refractive errors of the eye. Examples of diseases that often arise from unregulated study light such as myopia, hyperopia, and cylinders.

Workspaces and studyrooms in need of general lighting (typically found in the ceiling of the room) with a magnitude of approximately 300 Lux. In order to maximize the lighting in the workspace, you can add a reading light (task lighting) that has the power of 160 Lux. So that the light is generated directly focus fixed on the book being read. This technique is called horizontal illumination, but the reading lamp should be placed next to the left that is not blocked by your own shadow.

Proper lighting and the right will increase the working mood. Here are some tips to set the lighting of a team workspace stuffbypierce.com:

Exposure Level (Lux Level)

To adjust the lighting levels or Lux light level work space depends on the activities being carried out in the workspace. The higher the eye works the higher the Lux level required. Such as read, write, and draw.

Uneven lighting (Evenly lighting)

Make light workspace so that uniform is a very important thing to do. Because of the uneven lighting in the work area in the room will be able to reduce the performance and adaptation of the eye, so that your eyes will not get tired easily.

Not Too Glare (No Glare)

These tips also important regarding the arrangement of the study light, avoid placing the wrong light. For example, the placement of lights that deal directly with you. As an alternative way, just use louvre to reduce glare.

To care for your eyes use lamps with electronic ballasts workspace. What the electronic ballast? Electronic lamp ballast is a control circuit to turn on the fluorescent lamp (fluorescent) which has a higher frequency than the ballast transformers. Do not use the working space low frequency (30 Hz – 70 Hz) because it will quickly tire your eyes.