Sep 30

Tips For Choosing A Minimalist Floor

Minimalist home design is a design house that is most popular today because most people have used a minimalist home design on the interior and exterior of the house. Home design minimalist indeed seems more simple, neat, clean and elegant. The use of the furniture was not too much that seemed wide as a minimalist home design also features wide side of the house. In addition, the use of paint color on the interior of the house must also be in line with a variety of ornaments, furniture, roofs and so forth. The color of paint on the exterior must conform in order to create harmony between the exterior and interior of the house is minimalist. In addition, minimalist house floor also needs to be considered to create harmony.

modern minimalist floor1It’s best to note important things in choosing the minimalist house floors, ranging from color to his motives. Colors and patterns should be adapted to the color of the paint on the wall and should also describe the minimalist design. First, the selection of ceramic material for the floor of the House. Basically, there are 3 types of ceramic floor tiles, i.e. minimalist home with plain, tiled with decorative motifs and ceramic with embossed motifs.

modern minimalist floor2In the living room, dining room and bedrooms should use plain tiles with motifs and large. Alternatively, you can use the tiles with decorative motifs, especially for children’s rooms. As for the bathrooms, terraces and a pool basis, whether the fish pond or pool, you should use a tile with a pattern embossed as ceramics of this type have a rough surface that can prevent homeowners slipping.

Ceramic color selection must be precise and appropriate. You should adjust the color of the ceramic with a color paint on the walls, furniture or home decoration. At least there is one that is in tune with tiled floors. By doing so, the minimalist house floor will look very harmonious with the interior of the house. Minimalist house floor using a bright color, such as white if the color of the paint on the walls are also white or cream. Or can use brown accents on the furniture, pottery if the color brown. All that can be arranged as desired while maintaining alignment.