Jun 28

Tips Lighting Arrangement in a House

Whatever your fancy house, if the arrangement of your house bad light, then your house will look unattractive. Add more if the lighting is not able to accommodate all your activities, it will interfere with your activities. Therefore, you have to adjust the lighting in every room of your home in order to accommodate any of your activities, but it is also to establish the atmosphere as a function of each your room.

Here are tips for Arrangement home based spatial light.

The lighting arrangement in the living room

lighting in living room

The concept of the lighting in the living room should be equipped with different types of lights in the living room because many do various activities. But of course, the most basic is to use a uniform arrangement of light bulbs. It would be nice if in the family room you can put the main light behind the ceiling or you can use the lights are hung on the ceiling as forming atmosphere.
In addition to adding a beautiful living room, you can put up some lights as a light piece of art on display in the living room. Add as lights that are brighter as a complement to support some activities such as reading.

The lighting arrangement in the kitchen

lighting in kitchen

The intensity of the light used in the kitchen in general use brighter light in the living room, for example, when using the power of light between 1500-3000 Lumens while in the kitchen can reach 5000-10000 Lumens. Therefore, you need to wear a bright light, but not blinding to indulge. Furthermore, to beautify your kitchen space can also install lights at the bottom of the storage cabinets that are placed on the kitchen table.

The lighting arrangement in the dining room

lighting in dinning room

The lighting in the kitchen is quite simple. You simply use the lights that are mounted directly on the dining table. It can form the atmosphere while enjoying a meal in the dining room. But you also have to consider also the color of your walls, the darker the color of your wall the more light is absorbed by the wall and your room will be dark. You should select a slightly brighter color.

The lighting arrangement in the bedroom

lighting in bedroom

The room is only used for sleeping of course, many are also used for other activities. Such activities such as reading, learning and even work. Therefore, in addition to using lighting, headlights you also need to add lighting to the ongoing activities. Preparations the soft lights are placed next to the bed in order to allow you to adjust the lighting during sleep.

The lighting arrangement in the outside area

lighting in outside area

The function of the lighting outside area is very important because it can involve security, both the activity and safety in your minimalist home security. Besides the arrangement of the light outside area also can add to the quality of the beauty of the area outside your home.
In general, many errors when arranging the lights outside the area because too many lights are used to decorate the park itself. Actually, it is not necessary, you simply install the lights for circulation areas, activities and some lights as accents.

The lighting arrangement in the bathroom

lighting in bathroom

Basically the bathroom needs to use a uniform lighting concept to provide safety and comfort for the user during activity. Therefore, you need to put the lights in the entire area that can reach the bathroom.
In addition to those who put a mirror to dress up in the bathroom, you should add lights on the left and right. The goal is that when you dress up, you can get good lighting.

The lighting arrangement in the circulation space

In the area of ​​space circulation also requires uniform lighting. For example, in areas such as stairs, it helps you use a brighter light. It can provide security when using the stairs.