Apr 17

Tips Replacing Mirror on the Wall Space

mirrorWhen the ancient function of the extent to makeup mirror , now with a growing trend , the mirror becomes part decorate the room . Adorn the room with mirrors commonly used in stores to give the impression of broad and certainly beautify the atmosphere . What if applied to the walls of the room in the house .. ? Nothing odd , even to make space in your home beautiful and not boring . Seem spacious and elegant How does the process of mounting a mirror on the wall space ?
Actually the mirror installation process is not difficult . However, a mirror which tends fragile and breakable requires extra caution . Well, for maximum installation results , at least you have to pay attention to the following:

1 . The design Planning Mature
Perform initial design planning , as it will affect the type of mirrors and mounting techniques . Determine the location of the mirror , the one area of ​​the wall can be full or partial . Mirror mounted on one corner of the room -sized doors can also give the illusion of space behind the wall . Requirement place furniture next to the glass wall in order to create the perfect illusion .
Wide field of mirrors which can also be modified to make the pieces like a jigsaw puzzle mirror and preparing to cover the entire wall . Can also be combined with other materials according the design you want . Specify the frame or mirror will wear it or not . This will affect the thickness of the mirror and mounting techniques are used .

2 . Accurate measurement
Measure carefully field wall will be mounted mirror . If the design of the walls are made of pieces of mirror , do not forget to note also the size of each piece of mirror . Make sure when pieces of mirrors that have been composed , were fitted in the plane of the wall . The accuracy of this measurement is used also as a guide when ordering and installing mirrors .

3 . Choose the right kind of mirror
There are two types of mirrors are commonly used for the interior . If you want to give broad effect on indoor use plain mirror with perfect reflection . If you want a more elegant atmosphere and cozy space use bronze mirrors . Bronze mirror effect is usually combined with warm lighting .

4 . Notice the thickness of the Mirror
Mirror design that will be installed on the thickness of the mirror effect . Use the 5mm thickness mirror for makeup application without a frame ( frameless ) in the broad field . Do not use the thickness at the bottom , because the mirror will be sagged and produce shadow space distortion . While the design of the mirrors using frame by simply using a mirror with a thickness of 3mm . This is due to hold the position of the mirror frame involved .
If you want to use a mirror pieces are arranged in the form of a puzzle can use to measure the thickness of 3mm around 30cmx30cm . Use a uniform thickness when using a small mirror pieces are arranged on a single plane wall , so that the walls look flat .

5 . Buy Mirror appropriate size needed
The mirror has a module of 1.2 m x 2.4 m . If you want a mirror in smaller chunks can direct your message in the shop building . There they will cut to size needed once dulls the edges so harmless .
Conversely , if the size of the mirror you need wider than the mirror module , it must be spliced ​​. The location of this connection better consultation with the designer in order to display the connection does not interfere with the view .

6 . Notice the wall material
Before installing check the mirror first material to be coated mirror wall . Brick walls are generally strong enough to withstand the load of the mirror. In its application , the mirror will not be installed directly on the surface of the brick wall . Rather glued on backpanel already linked to a brick wall . This is due to the uneven surface of brick walls and seeped prone . Backpanel can be made ​​of plywood .
Unlike the brick walls , gypsum not hold the load of the mirror . Therefore , if the walls are made of gypsum , gypsum first off of the frame . Replace with 9mm thick plywood panel . After that , the mirror can be directly applied with double-sided tape and glue yellow .

7 . Wear Safety Equipment
The mirror is a material that is brittle and easily broken . Do not let your hurt mirror shards . Therefore, use standard safety equipment such as goggles and gloves to prevent accidents at work .