Oct 08

Tips To Make Drawers Look Neat


The contents of the usual drawers contain small pieces of clothing. Newly cleared up soon will come back apart again so complicate you when you want to find an object.

But do not give up first. There are easy tricks that can be tried to make the contents of the drawer is always arranged neatly and regularly. Just start by dividing it up into groups, up to make the most part taken and not.

For that see four smart tricks for the contents of your drawer keep this neatly!

1. Have more than one drawer to store small items


A drawer for storing good stuff is not enough. Yes, all small objects may fit in a drawer, but overcrowded will make it difficult for you to search.

Small objects are also very easily tucked up already given a partition according to their respective groups. So the contents of the drawer with half the capacity easier to examine the objects in it.

2. Separate by group


To be able to look neat and organized, start for each item into a category that matches its function or size. Well, if it is shared then you will be easier to find an object in its place. As an example:

The drawer contains home appliance utensils
Drawers containing handicraft materials, and so forth.

3. Knowing two easy steps


There are several ways to share what you have, but these two ways are the easiest and most effective.

Divide according to similarity. Examples: “spoon” like spoons, spoons, and spatulas. Then the “cutting” part like a knife, peeler and so on.
Although strange, this can make you faster search for items needed, even for others or guests who first visit.

There are many groups of small objects that can be divided according to function and similarity. For example, tools, paper, and electronic / cable

Complete the task. The second way to divide is with bodies that have complementary functions from start to finish. The example in one drawer at home, place a box of envelopes, stamps, pens, notebooks and address book.
You may also need a drawer near the exit door containing keys, wallets, glasses, hats, jackets, and umbrellas before being taken away.

4. Label each section


It is important to label each piece that is stuck in front of the drawer. Thus you can know what the contents in it without having to open one by one.

Finally, not all objects can be placed in the drawer. For thin, flat objects such as paper in dark clashing or labeled bindings.