Nov 10

Unique Creation Furniture From Used Books

Surely everyone has unused books or used books. Mending does not throw away, here are some ideas that you can use to create your used book into furniture like below …

1. Being a look or decoration

unused bookThan you throw away your used book, better at creations like this? Guaranteed way or your house is cooler …

2. Sofa from used books

unused bookApparently this book is not only useful to read. Once read is still useful and can be used as a sofa like this …

3. Can be a interior decoration

unused bookIt turns out the book is very useful? Depending on us alone how to manage it .. if creative it could be so cool and useful interior decoration for us …

4. Make a table

unused bookIf your used book is stacked, do not throw away .. You can make a table like this .. besides saving the cost of materials is environmentally friendly …

5. Could be a pot too

unused bookFor what to buy expensive pots, if there is a free like this book ya, you can utilize used books like this to make flower pots.


6. Conjured into a chair …

unused bookHave used chairs & used books? You can turn it into a chair like this.

7. Eco-friendly desk

unused bookNo need wood or nails. Only capitalize used books can become ready-made table. No cost and definitely environmentally friendly.

8. Round table

unused book

Besides not needing capital, making a round table of books also sparingly places. Because of its small size and does not require much space.

If you have a soul of art, although used books though you must use to be a useful item. And maybe you can sale your creation and also get passive income by selling your creations.