Dec 04

What They Won’t Tell You

for saleA real estate company like Charter One Realty( is a good solution if you are trying to find a home to buy or you are selling your home. You might think that the process is simple, but there are some things that the real estate agent won’t tell you that it’s best to find out before getting involved.

When you sell your home, the agent will likely set up an open house for people to come see the inside and to talk about the price of the home. This could be a way to sell your home, but it’s usually a way for the agent to find more business. There will be people who enter the home looking for something to buy, and if they aren’t interested in your house, they can call the agent to see what else is available. This can substantially increase the sales for the agent, making quite a profit off of your open house party.

There are fees associated with the closing of a house or listing a house. Many agents will tell you that they have their fees set, but most of them will negotiate with you to some point, especially if they are desperate to make a sale during the month. You might think that there are no offers or very few offers on your home, but in reality, there might be dozens. The agent is looking out for your best interest, and if a buyer doesn’t seem like the right person for the deal, then the agent won’t tell you about the interest in the home until there is something substantial.

Don’t think that you will know everything about a house that you want to buy. Some agents will disclose everything because it’s the right thing to do or it’s mandated by the state, but there are some who will leave out the smallest details just to sell a house. This could include a termite problem that’s not visible to the naked eye or a water leak that might not be apparent until you get moved into the house a few weeks down the road.