Jun 04

Why Rent Corporate Housing Instead of a Hotel Room

When you spend a lot of time on the road, you might reach the point where you can’t fathom spending one more night in a hotel room. Even hotels that cater to business travelers feel cramped and crowded. Corporate housing has a number of benefits over a smaller hotel room.

Corporate Housing

More Space

A traditional hotel room consists of one large space that you use for everything you do. Though some hotels may come with a kitchenette, you’ll still find that those rooms require that you cook, eat, work, sleep and relax all in the same space. With corporate housing, you have more space to spread out. Many suites come with a private sleeping area and a divider that separates the living area from the cooking and eating areas. You may even find suites that have a small alcove or workstation.

Everything You Need

Many hotel rooms come with uncomfortable chairs and a small table. If you want to relax and unwind after hours on the road, your only options are one of those chairs or the bed. Furnished corporate housing comes with everything you need, including a small couch and a few chairs for sitting down to unwind as you watch television. Most suites and rooms also come with pots and pans for cooking and dishes and utensils for serving and eating. Corporate housing facilities also provide you with a microwave, oven, stove and refrigerator for storing snacks and food and for cooking.

Bring Your Pets

One of the more common complaints registered by business travelers is that they miss the comforts of home, which can include their pets. Finding a hotel that allows pets is so hard that you might decide to leave Fluffy at home. Hotels often have rules regarding the type of pet you can bring and how much that pet can weigh. Many corporate housing companies have facilities that let you bring your pet. You put down a deposit to cover any damages and register your pet with the front desk. Corporate housing offers many more benefits than you would find in a typical hotel.